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Customer Service for Real People

always talk to us. go the extra mile, personal experience, personal delivery, extra communication, no minimum orders, reprints, developing relationships. ordering samples, carefully guide thru the process and learn something new.  




High Quality Garments

We have all been given that free shirt that is uncomfortable, stiff, and fits like a poncho rather than a shirt. Nobody really wants that in their wardrobe. We will help you choose apparel that people will want to wear every day. 

Some of our favorite shirts right now include...



Innovative Printing Techniques

 water based inks, tonal prints, foil prints. 


More...(link out)water based explained, examples of them



The Art

Screen printing started as an art form and we truly look at it that way. We hand print every garment and love getting our hands on everything that goes through our shop.  We want to work with people to make something original and creative to get their message out. Whether you have a fully finished digital design or chicken scratch of an idea on a napkin, we will get you what you want. We love to work with local artists to get work out in different mediums too. Let's think outside the box and create some art!