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Creating your next favorite shirt.


more than just t-shirts.

The Keep Pressing On Experience…

We love people. We love collaboration and pressing ink through a screen we've had our hand in designing. We see the opportunity to partner with organizations and help make a change. The Keep Pressing On experience is as much about inspiring change as it is creating great products.



how we do

What we do...


We work with you to create original, hand printed, super soft shirts that you actually really want to wear again and again. Whether the design starts with a chicken scratch or an optimally formatted digital file, we work with everyone. Our process is better for the environment compared to conventional plastisol printing. We specialize in water based inks which are exceptionally soft and breathable.
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You may be thinking...

Why Us? 

Our family-owned small business is focused on personal service, flexibility, and fast turn around.  Our graphic design, materials, and love for collaboration set us apart.  We put our all into hand printed projects of any size or speciality including tonal printing and foil prints. 

Let’s create your next favorite shirt.
— Keep Pressing On