A screen printing company who does things different...
and cares.

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We are a screen printing company who primarily uses water based inks to produce soft prints on high quality, comfortable apparel. We want to help you make things you will want to wear all the time. We want to build relationships, not customers. We do all this for the purpose of restoring the hopeless, hurting, helpless, and broken.


Our Mission

We do want to help design and create some sweet apparel, but our mission is to help people, because we really do care. Our goal is to partner with organizations and nonprofits and give as much as we can to help the hopeless, hurting, helpless, and broken. 

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What we do

We see screen printing as an amazing art form to express a message. We would love for people to think of screen printing differently. Not just a service, but a partnership to send a message through ____ design, soft prints, and quality comfortable apparel.

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Water Based Inks??

here is where we put more about the benifits of water based inks. 


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